STV Studio Services

Multi Camera Production (MCP)

Live Feed & Live Streaming Multi Camera Production

A multi-camera production enables a number of different cameras to film performances or events at the same time. Multi-camera production is used extensively in television and other productions to film and broadcast large popular events like music gigs, sport and theatrical performances.


Benefits of Multi camera production

Variety of many camera angles adds visual interest to any live performance or edited production. Traditionally a multi-camera production has required one camera operator for each camera. Due to improvements in technology and a reduction in the size and weight of high specification UHD and 4K cameras, it is now easier for one suitably qualified cameraperson to film with multiple cameras. Small and light cameras with very high filming resolutions are now available


Live Stream multi-camera

Moving from a single camera live stream setup to a multi-camera setup is quite a large step in terms of equipment and experience needed. However, the increased production value is sure to keep your viewers more engaged

Video Production

We assist our clients to retain loyal consumers by shaping a relatable and humanising brand with visual storytelling”


STV Studio is an innovative full service digital video production company based in Kulai, Johor. We produce engaging visual content while ensuring that it meets required objectives. The idea was simple: assist clients to produce quality videos to engage an audience.


Having the knowledge, skills, talent and experience, we improvise from services of video production to visual content creation on different platforms for the world of digital contents.


Over 8 years later, our devotion to creating the very best visual contents from video to different innovative technology we can with passion for nature, wildlife, and environment is shown through work with commitment. And as we grow, our dedication to creating a remarkable experience for our clients is the natural outcome of cultivating a culture of genuine and fulfilling results for our employees.

Virtual Studio

Planning a Virtual Hybrid Event?


 Allow our production team to serve a cutting-edge virtual hybrid event production experience to your clients!


STV Studio advanced virtual studio is fully packed with virtual broadcasting equipment to ensure that your live/pre-recording events mesmerize your audience!


Dramatic shoot, Engineering Survey & Mapping

Drones have single-handedly changed the aerial photography, videography & engineering survey industry.


STV Studio leading the tech curve in the use of drone data and AI-powered analytics to resolve complex industrial challenges, enabling organisations to rapidly scale, digitally transform, operate optimally and increase productivity.

Teleprompter Rental

Our Presidential Teleprompter  & Video Teleprompter can help your Special VIP guest speaker engage and establish better eye contact with their audiences.

With our Teleprompter and well-trained operators, your Special VIP guest speaker can have more professional and seamless experience when addressing the audience.